Baltic Songs for upper Voices vol.3 : for children's chorus (some with accompaniment) score (en/let)

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    in Cooperation with Musica baltica
    12 Latvian Folksongs and Poetry
    My Song
    Sing for the Peace of the World
    Lacaberni (The Bear cubs)
    Vem kan segla förutan vind (Who can sail without the Wind)
    Princeses Skrien Visatrak (Princesses run the fastest)
    Cik pasaule siir skaista This Worl is so very lovely)
    Dzivoj' pie kundzina (I lived on a Farm with Simon)
    Aiz kalnina menestiinis (The Moon behind the Hill)
    Ar vilcinu Riga braucu (Once I rode a Wolf to Riga)
    Zvirbuli zvirbuli kad nemsi sievu (Sparrow oh Sparrow when will You get
    Putnu mate putnus sauca (The Spirit of the Forest is calling the Birds)
    Neviens putnins ta neputa (There's no Bird that sings as sweetly)