Finzi for Saxophone (+Online Audio) for alto saxophone and piano

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    Verlag:  Boosey & Hawkes Publishers Ltd.
    Verlagsnummer:  M-060-13481-4
    Bestellnummer:  GN767954
    Inhalt / Infotext
    Amen from Lo, the full, final sacrifice, op.26
    Carol fromFive Bagatelles, op.23
    Cello concerto, op.40: theme form the secondmovement
    Clarinet concerto, op.31: theme from the third movement
    Come away,come away, death from Let us garlands bring, op.18
    Eclogue for piano andstrings, op.10: theme
    Rollicum-rorum from Earth and air and rai,op.15
    Romance from Five Bagatelles, op.23
    The Salutation from Dies natalis,op.8
    Since we loved from Oh fair to see, op.13b
    Who is Silvia? from Let usgarlands bring, op.18
    Wonder from Dies natalis, op.8