The Strad Calendar 2019 Monatskalender 30 x 44 cm

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    Inhalt / Infotext
    The Strad Calendar 2019 brings together twelve of the finest instruments ever
    made by Antonio Stradivari. The collection includes ten violins, nearly all
    from the master luthier's 'Golden Period', as well as the 'Gibson' viola -
    one of only eleven surviving Stradivari violas and the 'Bonamy Dobrée,
    Suggia' cello. With high-resolution photographs all taken by Jan Röhrmann,
    this is the first time in a decade that the Calendar has been devoted
    exclusively to Stradivari instruments all of which can be viewed at the
    Tokyo Stradivarius Festival, taking place this year from 9 to 15 October at
    Tokyo's Mori Arts Center.
    The twelve instruments to be featured this year are:
    1699 'Kustendyke' violin
    1707 'Stella' violin
    1711 'Marquis de Rivière' violin
    1714 'Leonora Jackson' violin
    1717 'Bonamy Dobrée, Suggia' cello
    1717 'Hamma' violin
    1718 'San Lorenzo' violin
    1722 'Rode' violin
    1726 'Greville, Adams, Kreisler' violin
    1731 'Rubinoff, Maurin' violin
    1732 'Red Diamond' violin
    1734 'Gibson' viola